San Fernando Valley has seen more changes

The Mart Collective in Venice celebrated their 10 year anniversary on August 9th. Robert Court, a veteran

Collector Network that the famous Sherman Oaks Antique Mall is on the market. She and her husband, Rick, would like to do some light travel, but since they have several dogs, this will be a little tricky. Their biggest desire is to amp up their already successful show business careers. Rick is an accomplished bassist and Janice is the lead vocalist for the cover band Rock ‘n’ Retro. Her specialty is 1980s music who can masterfully change from the disco queens to the bad girl rockers. 

The mall has a proven track record of profitability throughout numerous economic cycles. We have a loyal and diverse customer base and a long waiting list of vendors looking for space,” said Janice. “It’s been an enjoyable and dependable livelihood. There’s plenty of growth opportunities we have not explored since the vintage and antique business is experiencing a renaissance.”

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